Landmark School

Landmark School is located in Prides Crossing, MA and is a coeducational boarding school for grades 9-12 with focus on preparation for college. Landmark School’s mission is to enable and empower students with language-based learning disabilities (LBLD) to realize their educational and social potential. The school program is complemented by outreach, and training, assessment, and research. Landmark School was founded in 1971 by Charles “Chad” Drake. He wanted to educate students whose reading, writing, spelling and mathematical skills did not match their thinking and problem-solving capacities. Most people thought and named these children dyslexic or learning-disabled, but Chad saw their potential and called them bright and capable. He opened the doors with 40 students and a small group of teachers. Since that time, Landmark has grown to 450 students and two North Shore campuses, with faculty and staff of more than 300.

Landmark has as their focus the students. The heart of the Landmark experience is a partnership between the student and teacher, a one-to-one tutorial. Students can reach their potential in the classroom, theater, music, athletics and many other areas. The students discover their talents, cultivate strengths, conquer challenges, develop independence, and fulfill dreams. For over 40 years, Landmark has proven that students with language-based learning disabilities can and do succeed. Ninety percent of Landmark’s graduates go on to colleges throughout the country.

Landmark’s athletic department strives to achieve sportsmanship, leadership on and off the field, and commitment to one’s team and sport. The program aims to teach critical thinking during practice and competition. Athletes’ learn time management skills, self-discipline and the benefits of physical fitness. Athletics asks the students to have fun, risk failure, get up when your knocked down, compete as hard as you can, avoid using excuses and ultimately to learn how to win and lose gracefully. Some of the sports available to participate in are: cross country, soccer, volleyball, golf, baseball, and more.

The performing arts program at Landmark offers chorus, a premier performing ensemble which is open to all students. Chamber choir is a smaller, auditioned choir that strives to develop the vocal talents of their students. There is also a solo class and private music lessons available.

Photography, ceramics, sculpture, drawing, painting, and printmaking are all part of the visual art program.

Grades: 9-12

Student capacity: 449

Class size: 8

Tuition: $59,900

Student/staff ratio: 1:3

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Small classes provide more individualized attention.


Phone: 978-236-3000