Hillside School

Hillside School is located in Marlborough, MA and is an all boy school for grades 5-9. The school was first established as a self-sustaining school for the poor and homeless boys. Hillside faced many challenges with financial difficulties during the Great Depression and two world wars. Hillside continued to provide a haven for boys who had nowhere else to go. Until the 1980’s the farm was central to the school’s existence. The boys learned to grow crops, raise cattle, pigs and chickens, providing food for the whole community. The Daughters of the American Revolution have always sustained Hillside.

Hillside provides a challenging academic opportunity to prepare their students for secondary school. They are family-oriented and look for opportunities to build confidence and maturity in their students so they can discover their own paths toward success. The core values at Hillside are compassion, determination, honesty, respect, and fun. By living these values Hillside feels that they have prepared their students for lives of meaning and purpose. Hillside has an efficient communication system known as Shades of Blue. Through this system students are monitored in their progress as well as their behavior. To keep parents informed of their son’s academic and behavior success and challenges, Hillside uses the Shades of Blue system.

Hillside has a compassionate, nurturing environment where boys can gain the skills and reassurance to challenge them selves as well as recognize excellence in others.

The athletic program at Hillside is used to reinforce the school’s core values and promote group cooperation, socialization, self-confidence, school spirit and play, as well as good physical, mental and emotional health. The school emphasizes fair play, (sportsmanship) integrity, and effort through student participation. Some of the sports students may choose to participate in are Lacrosse, hockey, skiing and snowboarding, basketball, baseball, soccer, track and field, tennis and golf.

Grade: 5-9

Student Capacity: 140

Class Size: 10

Tuition: $51,000

Student/Staff ratio: 1:7

Sex: All boys

Extra Info: Hillside is non-denominational but do provide the opportunity for student to attend chapel services.

Website: hillsideschool.net

Phone: 508-485-2824