Groton School

The Groton School is located in Groton, MA and is coeducational school for grades 8-12.

The founder of the school was Endicott Peabody, was educated in England and threw years of different experiences around the country found that teaching was his passion. He opened Groton in 1884 a church school, and they started with 24 students. The school was an immediate success and by 1920 had grown to about 180 students with 22 faculty members. With the changing times brought change at Groton, in the fall of 1975 they became a coeducational school. Groton has remained small because Rev. Peabody wanted to have the feel of a family atmosphere. Each night the students shake hands with the faculty members supervising the dorms. This gives them the feel they belong to a family and learn that commitment to the well-being of others is mutually beneficial. Groton gives their talented students many opportunities to excel, whether it is on the football field, participate in music, or serving others. The atmosphere at Groton is full of passion and students approach each activity with intensity. The joy that students feel when they can fulfill their potential is important to their whole experience at Groton.

The academic curriculum at Groton is designed to prepare their students for lives of character, leadership, learning and service. The courses at Groton are challenging and this gives students the opportunity to pursue their interests and find what they are capable of.

Several departments offer Advanced Placements courses that help the students prepare for the Advanced Placement examination.

Groton recognizes the value of being actively engaged in the arts. The students may draw, direct a play, build a table, act in a play or sing in a chorus. The arts encourage personal expression, develop self-discipline and the students are required to take art classes for graduation.

Groton believes that a good education is derived from playing sports. Not only does it keep students healthy and physically fit, it also builds confidence, courage, self-discipline and good sportsmanship. Groton has offers 45 team sports to choose from.

Service to others is one of Groton’s founding principles and students have many opportunities to serve locally and globally. The students learn what is expected of them, and how to rise to the challenge of a leader. It is not a requirement to participate in service work but rather a community expectation.

Grades: 8-12

Student cap 370

Class size: 13

Tuition: $49,810

Stud/staff ratio: 1:5

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Groton was founded as an Episcopal school and students attend chapel four weekday mornings. Groton welcomes those not of their founding faith and have many students who are Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim and Roman Catholic’s.


Phone: 978-448-7510