Eaglebrook School

Eaglebrook School is an all boy junior boarding school for grades 6-9 and is located in Deerfield, MA. All boys share the same privileges and duties and Eaglebrook welcomes boys of any color, race, nation, and creed. It is in the structured atmosphere that the boys learn to discover them selves and build self-confidence. The experience at Eaglebrook can help the boys to establish values that will allow them to improve their skills needed for the challenge of secondary school. Teachers and families are an important part of the learning adventure for each boy. Whether it is a coach on a team, or a dormitory parent, they are all available for a boy when they may need a friend. Each will help to motivate the boys to reach beyond the easy attainable and realize that making mistakes can lead to progress. The curriculum at Eaglebrook is geared toward the learning styles of middle school boys. They strive to create a home away from home atmosphere for each boy.

Eaglebrook School has always had a strong athletic program and they work to make it suitable for boys of all sizes and abilities. With team work, the boys learn important life lessons of cooperation, commitment and sportsmanship. Through the athletic program the boys can improve their skills and enjoy vigorous physical activity each day. Some of the sports offered at Eaglebrook are: cross-country, football, tennis, mountain biking, soccer, water polo, basketball, ice hockey, snowboarding, squash, swimming and diving, wrestling, lacrosse, baseball, golf, track & field, ultimate disc and wilderness rangers.

The Visual and Performing Arts program at Eaglebrook has a wide variety of electives such as: architectural design, batik painting, ceramics, photography, clay sculpture drawing, fly tying, mixed media adventure, outdoor art, painting, printmaking, stained glass, stone carving, woodworking and world art. There are many classes available in the performing arts program that would include band, chorus, drama, instrumental lessons, introduction to acting, piano lessons, and string orchestra. Whatever the interest of the boy may be, there are opportunities for them to use their imagination and creativity and build confidence in what they choose.

Grades: 6-9

Student cap: 250

Class size: 10

Tuition: $49,700

Student/staff ratio: 1:5

Sex: all boys

Extra Info: Eaglebrook offers a summer semester for boys and girls ages 11,12, and 13 for a four week session in July. This program is designed to help build leadership skills in the classroom as well as on the playing field. This extra time can build the students confidence through achievement.

Website: eaglebrook.org

Phone: 413-774-9111