Dana Hall School

Dana Hall School is an all girl college preparatory boarding school for grades 9-12. They also have available a day school for as young a 12 years old. It is located in Wellesley, MA 12 miles from Boston. The main focus is on the academic education of the girls to prepare for college and life. With the close proximity to Boston, the girls are able to walk to shops and restaurants. There are many performances the girls can attend, such as dance, music or theater. They can visit the Museum of Fine Arts, Plimoth Plantation, or world-class health care center labs. Those who love the outdoors can visit the sandy coast of New England or go hiking on the many mountainous trails.

Henry F. Durant felt that students who attended Wellesley College needed more preparation before entering college. Charles P. Dana, offered a building to use for housing students; this was the first site for Dana Hall School. Henry Durant hired Julia and Sarah Eastman from Wellesley College to run the new school in 1881. The Eastman women believed in the same equality of women and their right to be educated. In the early years, unnecessary rules were avoided and a full liberal arts education program was offered to help the individual development of each young women.

Dana Hall School is committed to fostering excellence in the arts, athletics, academics and caring community. Emphasis is placed on integrity, diversity, leadership, service and respect of others and self. Through the athletic program the girls can participate in competitive sports, dance, aerobics, weight training, or rock climbing. The Arts can help a girl learn what her interests are. They can play an instrument or join the Chamber Ensemble or rock band. Maybe a girl will find that they would like to learn about music composition, theater history, ceramics or the study of women in the arts.

Dana Hall has a warm, open community that encourages you to grow and makes you feel that you belong. Community service is important at Dana Hall. Because 10th graders are required to have 20 hours of community service, weekends are a good time to meet this requirement. Girls have attended the annual fundraising walk to fight breast cancer.

Although Dana Hall is an all girl school, boys have come to act in the school plays, helped with the community service projects, competed on the co-ed swim team, or attended dances and move nights.


Grades: 9-12

Student cap 475

Class size: 13

Tuition: $51,109

Stud/Staff 1:9

Sex: all girl

Extra Info: Dana Hall has a comprehensive riding program located on campus. The Riding Center offers complete stable facilities and classes.

Website: danahall.org

Phone: 781-235-3010 ex 2531