Cushing Academy

Cushing Academy is a coeducational, college preparatory school for grades 9-12 and post graduate. It is located in Ashburnham, MA just one hour west of Boston. Mr. Thomas Parkman Cushing had a vision for the school back in 1850. He stated in his last will and testament that he would like to leave a portion of his estate to promote the education of future generations. In the 1920’s Cushing recruited foreign students, one of the first to in the country. Today Cushing display’s flags from 76 countries on their campus. With the dawning of a new century Cushing is proud to lead the way with their education and life skills to help the students be successful in this every changing world.

Cushing is dedicated to educating the mind of their students and challenging each individual. They stress the importance of excellence in every aspect of learning and teach skills that instill values that endure. The students are challenged to write effectively, think critically and creatively. What ever the interests of the students are, Cushing will help them to recognize their strengths and work toward success in college and life.

Cushing has a visual and performing arts program were students are able to express themselves. To enhance a student’s education and personal development, students are encouraged to participate in the arts and discover their artistic interests. Some of the visual arts classes that are available are: architectural design, glass work, painting, drawing, photography, pottery, sculpture, sliversmithing and jewelry fabrication. Some of the performing arts classes are: drama, where a student can act, write, direct, choreograph and perform in productions on stage. Dance: they have two recital concerts each year. Musicians: students can participate in a choral, jazz, or chamber music groups or take courses in music theory and history.

Cushing has an outstanding athletic program which consists of ice hockey, soccer, football, lacrosse, tennis and more. When a student is involved in the athletic program, it helps them to build their self confidence and to connect with other players. They learn when to lead and when to work as a team member.

Cushing understands the pressures of living away from home. They provide a remarkable support system. New students will find friends and mentors in the classroom. Someone is available to help on a bad day and share in the student’s good days.

Grade: 9-12

Student cap 445

Class size: 12

Tuition $49,600

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Cushing has an Academic Support department to help student’s who have learning differences.


Phone: 978-827-7300