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Buxton is located in Williamstown, MA a small historic New England town in the heart of the Berkshires. The campus has acres of meadow and forest and is a beautiful place for the students to appreciate. Founded in 1928 by Ellen Geer Sangser Buxton it is a coeducational country day school in Short Hills, New Jersey. In 1947 the school was moved to Mrs. Sangster’s family estate where it sits today in Williamstown. Buxton is small and offers grades 9-12.

Family and community is what life is like at Buxton. Roommates are assigned each year and three times in that year they change roommates. This makes life at Buxton interesting and gives the students the benefit of living with a variety of people. Faculty members live either in apartment’s in the dorms or on campus. The food at Buxton is prepared by a trained chef and staff. Dress at Buxton is casual with Sunday nights and All-School Trip they are asked to wear more formal attire. There is a nurse present each morning to check on the health of the students. The nurse can help the with a doctors’ appointments if necessary and provide medicine. A physical exam is required annually.

Buxton has used the help of the student’s to stoke the stoves in the Classroom Building, to driving to the supermarket to shop, or for caring for the animals in the biology lab.

Buxton has a recreation committee that is a group of four student-elected individuals. They plan each Friday night activity for the whole school. This may include a skit night, or a campus game of Capture the Flag or Bears. It could be a talent show, dance party, or going bowling at the local bowling alley. This helps the students and faculty to come together and engage and direct one’s own amusement.

Two weekends are designated for home visits. Saturday morning is for the Work Program and the afternoon and evening the students can go into town and do errands or go to the movie. Sunday brunch is followed by an afternoon of recreation or academic work. After Sunday dinner the school will have outside speakers come in or a performance in the arts. Those who wish to attend religious services may do so.

Buxton has a variety of activities and sports making a students experience there well rounded. Everyone is encouraged to participate and to support each other’s efforts. A few of these activities and sports are as follows: ceramic arts, photography, chamber music, chamber orchestra, chorus, drama, dance, drumming and percussion, creative writing, soccer, basketball, skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing, ice-skating, biking, tennis softball, volleyball and more.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity90
Student Class Size9
Tuition (Yearly)$45,500
Student/Staff Ratio1:5
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.This school is very small and so the student will have one on one attention.
Website Infowww.buxtonschool.org
Phone Number413-458-3919

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