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Located in North Andover, MA, overlooking Lake Cochichewick, Brooks School was found in 1926. The school was named after Phillips Brooks and teachings were that of the Episcopal Church. At first the school was small, with emphasis on the individual and their relationship with others. The main goal was to prepare boys for life, as well as for college. They also looked at the difficult or less able boys as a challenge rather than an obstacle. The school wanted to expose boys to the best in literature, the fine arts and sciences, as well as athletics. The school changed in 1979 to co-educational and from a six-year boy’s school to a four-year school for both girls and boys.

Brooks School is a place where innovation is encouraged, where faculty are involved in the curriculum, teachings styles and in providing the best possible learning environment for the students. The school encourages students to be aware of their moral agency and to be tolerant of others, to show integrity and to be civil and decent. Spirit of the community is found in the chapel program. Even though Brooks is affiliated with the Episcopal Church, they honor other student’s beliefs and religious traditions. Brooks feels it is important for the student to develop the ability to make good decisions and to learn from their mistakes. The school believes in high standards with the balance of reasonable expectations, tolerance and understanding. To grow in confidence, wisdom and maturity is what Brooks’ great hope for their students. The core values of Brooks are: integrity, passion, confidence, empathy, engagement and creativity.

One of the favorite places the students like to hang out in their free time is the student center. It has a dining hall, snack bar, school store and post office. There is also a game room with a big-screen television for the students to enjoy. The school has 10 dormitories, five for the girls and five for the boys. Two faculty members live in each residence and dorm prefects help the younger student adjust to living away from home.

Brooks has a wide range of extracurricular activities with faculty advisors that have experience and interest in the area. The extracurricular activities can change from year to year depending on what the student’s are interested in. They could be involved in chess club, debate club, environmental club, gospel choir, yearbook, art, and language club. They also have weekend activities such as: trips to the movies or the local mall, dances, and an annual Lip Sync contest. On Saturday evenings the dorm parents host a party for the residents and will barbecue hot dogs, or have pizza.

Brooks has a state of the art athlete center with the chance for students to train at the highest levels. The athletic center is equipped with free weights, strength machines, treadmills, stationary bikes and elliptical trainers. Next to the Athletic Center is a hockey rink and in the spring they use it as an indoor soccer arena. Danforth Gymnasium has ten squash courts and rowing tanks for indoor practice when the weather prevents the use of Lake Cochichewick. The school also has 12 playing fields, eight tennis courts, two boathouses, and a 3.1 mile cross-country course when the weather permits.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity295
Student Class Size12
Tuition (Yearly)$47,555
Student/Staff Ratio1:5
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.small classes allow teachers to work closely with students.
Website Infowww.brooksschool.org
Phone Number978-725-6272

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