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Berkshire School located in Sheffield, MA was founded in 1907 by Seaver Burton Buck, a Harvard graduate. Because Berkshire is beneath the “dome” of Mt. Everett, Mr. Buck used classical classroom teaching and appreciation for the mountain. Mr. Buck retired in 1943 at the time war began. The school had many who were called to arms but remained open. Students became pilots at the nearby Great Barrington Airport through the school’s Education with Wings program.

Between 1951 to 1970 headmaster John F. Godman led the school, and in that time the enrollment sky rocketed to 330 boys with over 35 teachers, among whom were the first female faculty. Many new structures were built at this time also. In the fall, nine girls attended day school as part of an experiment. These girls graduated in 1972 making the experiment a success. As years pressed forward, so did Berkshire. Making changes to all aspects of campus life, the school restructured its scholastic mission to include computer science, ethics, health and environmental science and started a formal counseling program. They renovated the former gymnasium to build a new library.

Also the curriculum became broader with new programs such as Ritt Kellogg Mountain Program and the Chinese language program. The school was also able to make improvements and build new dorms and computer-controlled observatory, an al-weather track, new maple syrup house and renovate the hockey rink.

Berkshire School believes in diversity, love of learning, commitment to academic, artistic and athletic excellence. The school also stresses high standards of character and citizenship. They also are moving toward energy conservation, to create a net zero Green House Gas emissions. They are trying to take less trips off campus and transitioning from gas to other sources of transportation, also learning to create local and organic foods. Through the Director of Sustainability and the committee, they promote education and research on social, economic and environmental sustainability. They work with other schools, nonprofit organizations and community groups to help move the sustainability programs forward. Berkshire has won recognition, grants, and awards from the National Association of Independent Schools, Environmental Protection Agency, and more.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity380
Student Class Size12
Tuition (Yearly)$48,100
Student/Staff Ratio1:5
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.This school has a sustainability program that is recognized from many credible agencies. They have received many grants and awards.
Website Infohttp://www.berkshireschool.org
Phone Number413-229-1003

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