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Bement School is a kindergarten through ninth grade day and boarding school. The school began in 1925 when Grace “Menty” Bement agreed to tutor one of the students at Deerfield Academy. Her emphasis was on the individual child, which was quite new for those times. Not only was her emphasis on the individual but also the child’s responsibility to respect the rights of others. The campus began to grow with a barn renovated first to become a place for social gatherings and later for drama and the arts. Keith Schoolhouse was once a stable and the boarding school house was acquired in 1930. Menty retired at the age of 67 and Katherine “Kay” Bartlett and Mary “Gug” Drexler bought the school.

The next two decade Kay and Gug continued to push forward with Menty’s philosophies and ideas. They purchased more buildings to become dormitories. They retired in 1971, followed by Charles Hamilton, John Butler in 1974 and then Peter Drake in 1985. The current Headmaster, Shelley Jackson, came to Bement in 1999.

Many improvements were made threw out the years, such as expanding the barn for a theatre and physical education and also adding art and music rooms. Bement now has computer rooms, a multi-purpose dance studio and a reading room. In 2010 Bement finishing a residential building using solar power. Located in Deerfield, MA Bement School is proud that using solar power stays true to the architectural features of colonial Deerfield.

Bement believe that the kind of person you are matter most and with the small class size students and teachers get to know each other very well. The teachers also eat daily meals with the students, this helps build lasting friendships. They call each other by name and everyone helps each other with any jobs that need to be done. The older students are a role model for the younger ones and contribute to the success of each day. With the young age of the students, Bement will celebrate birthdays after school and a unique bookmark is presented to the student. Bement also will recognize other accomplishments big and small.

The academic program at Bement has been around for more than eighty-five years. They continue to introduce new courses and methodology to stay up with the rapidly changing world. The small class size helps the student feel they can participate and what they have to say matters. The Fine Arts program at Bement can help a student discovery and recognize their creative potential.

The ninth grade year is the last year at Bement and those students have the opportunity to learn, and practice their leadership skills. The ninth grade students participate in a variety of community activities such as: mentoring younger students, serve as ambassadors and guides for new students, plan and present school rules and community standards during school meetings and plan student activities.

Boarding School Facts

Student CapacityNA
Student Class Size12
Tuition (Yearly)$44,235
Student/Staff Ratio1:6
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.Ninth grade students spend a week living and working at a boys orphanage in the Dominican Republic.
Website Infohttp://www.bement.org
Phone Number423-774-7061

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