Hyde School – Bath, ME

One of the two Hyde School’s is located in Bath, ME and is a coeducational school for grades 9-12 and post-graduate studies. The founder of the school, Joseph W. Gauld a mathematics teacher believed the educational system overly focused on student achievement and not focused enough on the student’s character. He wanted a school that focused on student’s attitude, effort and character. Mr. Gauld had success in motivating teenagers toward pursing individual excellence in learning through his character curriculum that included parental involvement.

The rigorous college-preparatory curriculum is made up of core academic subjects that provide for a different approach to learning. At Hyde, you are not evaluated simply by test, homework, and project grades. Your attitude toward learning, your concern for the others students in your class and the effort you put forth to fulfill the course requirement are equally important. At Hyde, students receive both an effort and achievement grade and both are averaged into each student’s final grade. Hyde students are not only challenged to put their best efforts into homework and class work but are expected to demonstrate a desire to be a lifelong learner, take risks by choosing courses that will challenge them, show concern for peers who struggle academically, take leadership roles in the classroom and community, and hold high expectations for themselves and others.

Students at Hyde may participate in the arts, athletics, perform community service and campus jobs. Students sing, act, dance, perform Broadway productions, record original music, and stand up comedy.

The athletic curriculum is an integral part of the overall philosophy at Hyde. Students are expected to do their best and participate in sports in three seasons. Sports will build confidence in the less experienced and dreams of championship for the practiced athlete. Some of the sports available to participate in are: soccer, cross country, football, basketball, indoor track wrestling, swimming, tennis, track and field and LaCrosse.

The family education program at Hyde has three goals: Self-Discovery, helping each participant to become their best self, Family Excellence, to understand family’s strengths and challenges, Hyde’s Philosophy: learning about the core beliefs and principles of a Hyde Education. Because of the global network for Hyde families, parents can come together as peers to work on their three goals. Family Learning Center is a two or three day workshop which is held on campus. Family Weekend is a time when the entire community gets together to highlight their students growth, work on family renewal and reaffirm the mission of the school.

Grades: 9-12

Student capacity: 136

Class size: 12

Tuition: $45,200

Student/staff ratio: 1:6

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Hyde supports those with ADD/ADHD and Learning Differences.

Website: hyde.edu

Phone: 207-443-7101