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Bridgton Academy is an accredited preparatory school exclusively offering a postgraduate year. The focus of the academy is solely for the postgraduate student. Bridgton is committed to making the year the student is there, a true transition year, making a difference in a student’s success in college and life. Bridgton is located in North Bridgton, ME. Some of the school’s values are: intellectual vitality, value community, value sportsmanship, personal and institutional accountability and values of excellence in all endeavors.

Over 200 years ago, the local citizens of North Bridgton wanted Bridgton Academy to be incorporated. With success they hired Bezaleet Cushman, a Dartmouth student to teach the students, wanting to follow his example. Bridgton was a public/private coeducational secondary school in 1808, then in 1958 became a boy’s boarding school and in 1964 became an independent prep school for postgraduate young men. Through the years their mission has been the same, to provide a program to help students prepare for the competitive rigors of college and life.

The students develop academic skills, study skills, and learn self discipline and therefore build confidence in them selves to succeed in college and life. Bridgton graduates express how their stay at Bridgton Academy transformed their lives and exceeded their expectations. What students learn at Bridgton is a passion for learning in a structured environment. They learn independence, and have high expectations for them selves. Alumni express their gratitude for personal growth, maturity, and confidence they developed as a result of attending Bridgton.

Bridgton Academy helps a young man to grow personally and socially, as well as academically and athletically. All of these areas help the boys at Bridgton to become mature, strong young men, ready for college. The school offers actual college courses that are transferable and a SAT Prep program. This program is taught by professionals that help the student to improve their scores and meet the standards for college they wish to attend.

Boarding School Facts

GradePost-Graduate Only
Student Capacity192
Student Class Size10
Tuition (Yearly)$42,000
Student/Staff Ratio1:9
Student SexAll Boy
Extra Info.Bridgton Academy is the choice for your son if you are looking for the only post graduate school in the nation.
Website Infohttp://bridgtonacademy.org
Phone Number207-647-3322

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