Lake Forest Academy

Lake Forest Academy is located in Lake Forest, IL and is a coeducational boarding school for grades 9-12. Lake Forest Academy is committed to the development of the whole child, with emphasis on excellence of character, scholarship, citizenship and responsibility. Character encompasses respect for others and their beliefs, honesty, realization of moral clarity and conviction, and pursuit of virtue and value in life. Scholarship encompasses acquisition of knowledge, development of critical thinking and enthusiasm for discovery and learning. Citizenship encompasses appreciation of diversity, involvement in the LFA community, service to others, and commitment to global awareness and understanding. Responsibility encompasses development of self-reliance, ability to seek guidance, dedication to teamwork and cooperation, and action based upon informed decisions.

Lake Forest Academy was established in 1857 as the boys’ preparatory department of the Lind University (later renamed Lake Forest University) and in 1869 girls’ preparatory department was added. It was known as the Young Ladies Seminary at Ferry Hall until 1887 when it was shorted to Ferry Hall. Then in 1974, both schools merged into one coeducational independent school called Lake Forest Academy. LFA was originally located on the campus of Lake Forest College, but in 1946 a fire destroyed the main Academy building. The school purchased the former estate of J. Ogden Armour and converted it into the new school campus. Throughout the years, a gymnasium, dormitory, academic center, chapel, ice rink and track were added. In 2006 a center for the arts was opened. In 2009 an athletic wing was opened and the crown fitness and wellness center in 2010.

The athletic program at Lake Forest offers many opportunities that range from preparing collegiate athletics to physical fitness and individual development. Sportsmanship is very important and whether students participate in varsity athletics, intramurals, physical education or general recreation, LFA honors participation, achievement and effort. Lifelong fitness is promoted and students are challenged to reach their potential. Some of the sports available are: swimming, volleyball, cross country, tennis and more.

The LFA music program offers unique experiences in the performance and creation of music. Student may perform in both large and small ensembles. There are two courses offer in theater, basic in which students learn about being a performing actor and advanced theater where students perform on stage before an audience.

Grades: 9-12

Student capacity: 400

Class size: 12

Tuition: 44,300

Student/staff ratio: 1:7

Sex: co-ed

Extra info: LFA offers summer programs: athletic camps, ESL program and

Dance and rock & roll music camp.


Phone: 847-615-3267