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Brehm School is a boarding school for boys and girls, grades 6-12 and located in Carbondale, IL. For over twenty-five years, Brehm has had the experience necessary to give students with learning disabilities the education and help they need to succeed in going on the college and in life. They believe in empowering their students with complex learning disabilities to reach their full potential.

Such learning disabilities would be dyslexia, ADHD/ADD, aspergers, nonverbal learning disorders, dysgraphiz, dyscalculiz, anxiety disorder, tourettes, and more. Brehm has a staff of 150 and they limit the students to 90 each year. This gives the staff an opportunity to work one on one, or even up to eight in a classroom. Each student receives individualized instruction and they are provided with strategies and techniques to help them overcome their own challenges. The administration team at Brehm is also continuously researching student learning disabilities, thus helping their students learn the skills to continue their education after they graduate Brehm.

Brehm Preparatory School was founded in 1982 by Mrs. Carol Brehm, with the help of professionals in the learning disability field. Her son had learning disabilities and she felt they were not addressed in the public school system or a traditional boarding school. Brehm Schools main focus is on the student, to empower them to recognize and realize their full potential, even though they have complex learning disabilities.

They have core values which include: integrity, open communication, staff development, student empowerment, financial stability, continuous improvement of programs and they provide a safe environment for the students. Because students experience difficulties in multiple areas of functioning, Brehm uses the term “complex” learning disabilities. Their holistic program focuses on academic, social and emotional effects of the student having a learning disability. Brehm has a team of dedicated staff, not only teachers, but also speech-language pathologists, dorm parents, psychologists, registered nurses, counselors, tutors and recreation staff.

Brehm offers recreational activities and clubs to help the students develop balance in their social interactions, plan and set goals, have new experiences and to have fun. They have many activities that would include, hiking, swimming jogging, paintball, flag football, bowling, soccer and more. Weekend activities could include such activities as camping, water parks, sporting events, opera, theater, ballet and lectures.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity102
Student Class Size5
Tuition (Yearly)$64,900
Student/Staff Ratio1:4
Student SexCo ed
Extra Info.This school is for students with complex learning disabilities. Brehm believes in empowering their students to reach their full potential.
Website Infowww.brehm.org
Phone Number770-394-8177

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