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The Advanced Academy of Georgia at the University of West Georgia is located in Carrollton, GA. It was established in 1995 and available for a high school student to attend a college program, giving them an opportunity to accelerate their academics. While the student is residing at the academy, they can earn high school and college credits. The environment is such that the students are supported by their fellow students as well as staff.

The academy offers Honors College and the students usually enroll in one of the Honors courses per semester. The academy also works closely with the student’s high school counselor, making sure that they stay on track to graduate high school while taking college classes at the academy. The students are to meet all the requirements to graduate established by the Georgia Board of Education as well as their own high school. While their classes are taken at the college level, their diploma for graduating high school is issued from the high school.

Advanced Academy of Georgia is home to Gunn Hall, a residential hall with award winning fame. The hall is named after William Gunn. He is a member of the West Georgia academic community. Gunn Hall is smaller than some of the other residences on campus but it gives the students a more personal environment. There are programs the students at Gunn Hall can get involved in such as Hall council, yearbook committee, academy ambassadors, sports, academy newsletter, a judicial board, student government, and other clubs and organizations. The students may also be involved in community service projects and volunteer where needed.

The Advanced Academy of Georgia is proud that many of their students go on to achieve degrees in medicine, engineering, law and the liberal arts. The academy helps the students to complete college with a higher grade point average and more honor recognitions than a traditional college. Students who have attended Advanced Academy of Georgia have been known to go to universities including Duke, Harvard and Yale.

Boarding School Facts

Grade11-12 college prep 9-12 boarding school avg.
Student Capacity295 enrolled
Student Class Size12
Tuition (Yearly)$42,000
Student/Staff Ratio1:7
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.This school is unique for the fact that it is the only one in the country that is a college that encourages gifted motivated high schools students to attend. The student is able to go to college and still work on their high school diploma.
Website Infohttp://www.advancedacademy.org
Phone Number678-839-5529

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