Darlington School

Darlington School is a coeducational, college preparatory, boarding school for grades 9-12, and also a day school for Pre-K-12 grades. It is located in Rome, GA and was founded in the year 1905 by John Paul and Alice Allgood Cooper. The school is named after a beloved teacher Joseph James Darlington. The quality of his character was such that the students resolved to build a school in his memory. Mr. Darlington believed in academic excellence and diligent effort and honesty in the student’s daily assignments. His main concern for his student’s was for them to become responsible human beings worthy of trust. He would always stress the importance of building character and to offer service. The school opened in 1905 with 24 boys in eight classes. In 1923 Darlington had their first boarding students, 30 were enrolled at the time. Darlington has grown into one of the leading boarding schools in the Southeast. The fundamental values taught by Mr. Darlington are still carried out today. Darlington believes in academic excellence and the development of responsible capable human beings. The worth of an individual and his or her responsibility as a citizen is stressed.

The Judeo-Christian tradition at Darlington reinforces the belief that success in every endeavor is a result of hard work honestly done. Life in the community is based on the rule of law and respect for authority. There is a variety of opportunities for students to develop this can be through leadership, exploration, or service. One of the goals at Darlington is to instill in their students a respect for diversity.

The academic programs are intellectually rigorous and demand the best of a student. Darlington knows that each student learns differently and has different abilities. They believe in the pursuit of individual excellence. Darlington inspires their students to have a love of learning and to prepare for a rewarding college experience.

The sports program offers team or individual sport activities that challenge the students to excel. The goal is to be gracious in the outcome, dedication to the effort, and respect for the training.

Darlington has a Fine Arts program that helps the students to appreciate various modes of artistic expression and to find their own artist abilities.


Grades: 9-12

Student cap 853

Class size 14

Tuition: $40,600

Stud/staff ratio 1:13

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Darlington offers a summer camp to support the school’s mission of developing students with character.

Website: darlingtonschool.org

Phone: 800-36TIGER