Donahue Academy of Ave Maria

Located in Ave Maria, FL, Donahue Academy is a coeducational private school for grades 9-12. They offer a Catholic classical education where student’s build a personal relationship and love with Jesus. The student’s attend daily mass, study scripture, serve and love each other. The academic study provides the opportunity for student’s to learn the truths they reveal. The academic program is structured and focuses on gaining knowledge and develops in the student’s the love of learning. They help the students to be self-motivated and self-correcting learners.

Some of the sports that students may be involved in are: basketball, track, football, and cross country.

Located on the campus of Ave Maria University, they are independent from the university but have access to the facilities and library. Just two blocks north-west of the school is the Oratory Church. Donahue Academy helps student’s freshmen through senior high school to find housing. Freshmen through Junior are offered housing with a Host Family in the Town of Ave Maria. Qualified seniors are eligible to board at the Ave Maria University thus providing an opportunity to enroll in college courses. The students must stay on task and be self motivated both academically and spiritually, in order to take advantage of University boarding. The graduates of Donahue Academy are fully prepared to meet the demands of college.

Donahue Academy has a dedicated faculty and staff including 3 teaching nuns. The classical education is based on the “Trivium” and the Liberal Arts. The Trivium is the stages of the student’s development. Grammer stage is knowledge, for grades 1-4. At this stage the student’s are learning to go to school and what is expected of them are far as behavior and conduct. They learn at this stage to read and develop love for stories and poetry. The Logic stage: understanding, for grades 5-8. At this stage the students learn to gather information and evaluate evidence. They learn at this stage reasoning and how to express them selves. Independent thinking, verbal combativeness and defense of positions are learned at this stage. They start to understand the interaction of various historical events and cultures. The Rhetoric stage is for grades 9-12 and is called wisdom. At this stage the student’s are self-motivated learners and able to express them selves with increased depth, clarity and originality. After their twelve year career with Donahue, they are ready to tackle the rigors of college and life.


Grades: 9-12

Student cap: 71

Class size: 18

Tuition: $17,000

Stud/staff ratio: 1:10

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Grades 1-8 are for day school and 9-12 grades are for boarding. All the students attend daily mass service.


Phone: 239-280-2450