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Admiral Farragut Academy is a military, college-preparatory boarding school. They also have available day school for preschool and Kindergarten thru 12 grade. The academy was founded in 1933 and located in New Jersey. The first military Naval officer to rise to the rank of admiral was Admiral David Glasgow Farragut. Thus the academy is named in his honor. The academy was so highly popular that in 1945 another campus was purchased in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Admiral Farragut Academy academics strive to prepare students for college, and also help them learn leadership skills and to build their character. The curriculum is such that it will help prepare the students to be able to attend any leading college or university. Not only is the academy helping the students prepare for college, they have an athletic program as well with teams such as basketball, baseball, tennis, football, cross country, volleyball, soccer, track, softball and wrestling. Besides athletics, the academy also offers art fine arts program, sailing, aviation and engineering.

Because of the history and traditions as a boarding school, the academy is proud that they have students from all over the United States and also many students come from different countries. With students from other countries, Farragut Academy offer non-English speaking classes. The academy is lucky to have a parents’ group that is a volunteer organization. They help rise funds for the students to be involved in tournaments as well as helping form a Used Uniform Store. Each year they also have an auction to raise funds. The purpose of the parents’ group is to help enhance the quality of the student’s education.

Boarding School Facts

Grade6-12 college-prep Military 9-12 college prep Pre-K-12
Student Capacity372 enrolled
Student Class Size16
Tuition (Yearly)$36,800 boarding - $17,000 day students
Student/Staff Ratio1:10
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.This school is very diversified with students of color 15%, International students 18% and boarding school students at 50%.
Website Infohttp://www.farragut.org
Phone Number727-384-5500

School Location – St. Petersburg FL

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