Colorado Rocky Mountain School

Colorado Rocky Mountain School is located in Carbondale, CO which is 30 miles from Aspen. Offering grades 9-12 and a college preparatory focus, CRMS is a co-educational school. In 1953 John and Anne Holden were teachers at the Putney School in Vermont. They decided to start west to find a place for a school that focus’ on college-bound boys and girls. They came upon the beautiful town of Carbondale which was a rugged ranching town. A rancher by the name of Harald Pabst was impressed with the Holden’s and their vision for the school. He donated the Bar Fork Ranch with its 350 acres, forming the school’s base. Students were able to participate in building and renovating classrooms, dormitory space, cooking, and in taking care of the ranch. The desert and mountains of the southwest would become an extension of the campus, providing opportunities for wilderness trips and many outdoor programs. CRMS was one of the first to institute the nation’s first kayaking program, ski program and climbing program. The Adobe Arts Building on campus has the only high school blacksmithing program in the nation. Run for 13 years by Frances Whitaker, one of the most renowned blacksmiths.

CRMS prepares their students for a lifetime of growth and learning. They have a challenging college-preparatory academic program. They also have after school sports, work crews and outdoor trips. CRMS encourages their students to become confident humans being and passionate about their learning. They believe that a student can reach their potential to excel as individuals who contribute to the community. The student’s values are taught by close and meaningful interaction with the faculty. These values would include; respect, responsibility, and excellence. Respect for self and others and conduct themselves with honesty and integrity. The student’s are taught to take responsibility for their actions and to inspire their peers and themselves for the greater good. All members of CRMS community are to strive for the highest standard of academic, personal, and community life.

Students are able to participate in a variety of programs at CRMS. Those would include biking, climbing, snow sports, soccer, kayaking, and work programs. They are also able to be involved in service, whether it is on campus or in the greater community.


Grades: 9-12, post graduate

Student cap 145

Class size: 10

Tuition: $41,900

Stude/staff ratio 1:5

Sex: co-ed

Extra info: Because of the location of CRMS, students are able to experience a variety of different adventures.


Phone: 970-963-2562