Excelsior School

Excelsior School is located in Pasadena, CA and is a coeducational school for grades 9-12 who are preparing for college. With regard to success in education, Excelsior signifies the philosophy of onward and upward. Excelsior has small classes so their students may receive individual attention. They provide a rigorous, moral and intimate learning environment for their students to learn skills that will give them a love of learning, devotion to community and to be responsible adults. The goals at Excelsior are for their students to become responsible, self-directed individuals, to experience success and build confidence, develop critical thinking and decision making skills, to become contributing citizens and to develop positive communication skills and competent communicators.

There is much that Excelsior has to offer their students. They provide activities and organizations that encourage their students to share their time and talents. Through the academic program, athletics and extracurricular activities the students learn leadership skills. They have participated in many field trips as well as attending beach parties.

Excelsior School is authorized under the federal laws to enroll non-immigrant alien students who are citizens of other countries. They have minimum enrollment requirements such as the student must be 14 to 19 years of age, grade point average must be 2.5 or above, the student needs to demonstrate qualities such as, flexibility, open-mindedness, curiosity, tolerance and the ability to adapt in an unfamiliar environment. Other paperwork is needed and is available to view on the school’s website.

The housing at Excelsior is clean and economical with two beds, a dresser and desk in each room. A clothes closet is provided as well as a bookcase. Bathroom facilities are located on each floor of the dorm. There are laundry facilities as well as a student lounge. There is also a tennis court and basket court.

Grades: 9-12

Student cap 60

Class size: n/a

Tuition: $18,650

Stud/staff ratio: 1:10

Sex: co-ed

Extra info: Excelsior offers condensed schedules and independent study for students in the entertainment field or students who have special needs.

Website: excelsiorschool.com

Phone: 626-398-2388