Dunn School

Dunn school is located in Los Olivos, CA and is a coeducational school for grades 9-12.

They believe in educating the students to their full potential in preparation for a life of learning and to be a leader in society. Dunn school has five core values: Academic Excellence, Emotional Wellness, Physical Readiness, Social Responsibility and Moral Courage.

The academic program at Dunn is the cornerstone. Students are supported and challenged to achieve their very best. They learn that academic achievement is gained through involvement, preparation, responsibility and hard work. The relationship between students and teachers are essential to the process of education. The small classroom size helps the student to feel comfortable expressing themselves openly. Classroom integrity is vital at Dunn and honestly is expected of all students. Students are expected to come to class prepared and to help each other and be supportive of each other. Students at Dunn learn at a pace and level that will challenge them. Honors and Advanced Placement courses are available as well as a variety of other classes.

The arts program at Dunn has grown in the past few years with students winning local, regional, and national competitions in painting, photography, sculpture and music. The arts program focus is on the students, and helps them to discover their creative talents.

At Dunn the athletic program encourages students to develop confidence and leadership skills while learning the value of fair play and teamwork. Athletics allows students to understand the differences in each other and their ability level. The emphasis is always on participation and good sportsmanship. Alternate activities are available if students do not wish to participate in sports. The students are to participate on at least one interscholastic team during the year. Some of the alternate activities would include: drama, climbing, kayaking, community service, ping pong and horseback riding.

Dunn provides a variety of extracurricular activities whether on campus or off. Located close to the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Ynez Mountains, this gives the students opportunity for many outdoor activities. Working with the Student Activities Coordinator, weekend activities can vary according to student’s interests. They may choose to go to a concert, surfing, shopping, movies, bowling, or staying on campus for dorm competitions.

In a supervised environment, the boarding life at Dunn helps prepare the students for life at college. Through living on campus the students will find his or her identity, develop talents, be involved in their extended family and build friendships to last a life time.


Grades: 9-12

Student cap: 221

Class Size 15

Tuition $45,500

Stud/staff ratio: 1:5

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: The beautiful weather in CA makes it possible for the students to enjoy many outdoor activities.

Website: dunnschool.org

Phone: 800-287-9197