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Founded in 1910 the Army and Navy Academy located in Carlsbad, CA believe strongly in tradition. Tradition plays an important role in the cadets’ education and accomplishments. Traditions can be passed from one generation to the other and at Army and Navy Academy such traditions include the Senior Class Ring. The ring is symbolic of the school’s history and is worn by students to commemorate their attendance and graduation. Senior Garden, Well and Lawn is a Rose Garden. Located on campus class of 1937 started the tradition of taking control of the garden, gate and wishing well.

Only seniors and their guests are allowed in this area of campus. The class of 1976 had a plaque made and presented to the Academy for this lawn area and is known as the “Senior Lawn.” Another tradition for the academy is the Senior Lounge, a two story house on the beach was known as Senior Hall. The dormitory was housing for the first classmen. Because of economic problems the property was sold. Around the late 1950’s and early 1960’s funds became available to build another Senior Lounge, in 1966 the lounge became the place for the Junior ROTC program. Another tradition is the privilege of the First Class cadets to dedicate the annual yearbook. The cadet is nominated by his fellow cadets for this honor.

Army and Navy Academy is a boy’s military school. The upper school is for grades 10-12 and the lower school is for grades 7-9. The school is committed to educate the boy’s as well as build good character. A cadet begins his day at 6:15 a.m. with room inspection, morning roll call and breakfast. School classes begin at 8:00 a.m. In the class setting a cadet has support from the teacher during and after school. If a cadet is struggling with a certain course the school has available academic counselor’s to help the cadets stay on track. The academy also has college counseling to help a cadet prepare for the SAT and fill out college applications.

Threw the athletic program, the academy has such sports as cross country, football, water polo, basketball, wrestling, soccer, baseball and much more. There are also competitive club sports such as hockey and surfing. The cadets are expected to be motivated to work hard and encourage team members in order to participate in any sport.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity320
Student Class Size16
Tuition (Yearly)$32,850
Student/Staff Ratio1:10
Student SexAll boys boarding school
Extra Info.What make’s this school unique is the variety of class’ available, as well as extracurricular clubs. It is also mandatory for a cadet to attend the JROTC leadership classes.
Website Infohttp://www.armyandnavyacademy.org
Phone Number888-762-2338

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