Fenster School

Fenster School is located in Tucson, AZ and is a coeducational, college preparatory, boarding school for students in grades 9-PG. The students come from all over the country and the world. The school is located in beautiful Catalina foothills of Tucson and is a reputable boarding school founded in 1944. Fenster school offers individualized instruction based on the student’s motivation to learn and capabilities. The school works with students who are academic underachievers, those with ADD/ADHD and/or may be struggling in their home and school. Fenster fosters emotional and academic growth and the opportunity to succeed.

The five Core Values at Fenster are: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, compassion and health and safety. These Core Values are an important part of the educational experience at Fenster. The Guiding Beliefs sustain the Core Values at Fenster they are: Fenster believes that each student learns differently and that they have a range of learning styles. They believe that adolescent growth occurs best in a small supportive community of caring adult mentors, when each member of the school community contributes to the common good, responsibility is achieved. A diverse community makes it so the students can recognize and understand each other. A student at Fenster who struggles with their academics or has ADHD can be successful.

Fenster offers a challenging college preparatory program with high expectations for everyone. As the student move through the program they gain knowledge and learn skills necessary to be successful in college and life. With the small, supportive classrooms, each student is involved in their own education. This helps the students to take pride in their achievements and their confidence grows.

Located in the beautiful foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains, Fenster is surrounded by the beauty and warmth of the Sonoran Desert. The Santa Catalina Mountains offer creeks, canyons, waterfalls and Mount Lemmon, the country’s southern most ski area. This provides many opportunities for students to explore and learn the cultures of the area. Near the campus is an ancient Hohokam Indian archaeological site that despite the harsh desert living flourished.

Partnering with the Sabino Equestrian Center, Fenster offers an equestrian program that the students can choose to participate in. The students board their horses at this full care facility that offers lessons and training. Some of the basic lessons taught are: horsemanship, grooming, driving in a cart and riding school horses. The students may also learn about how horses are shoed, veterinarian issues, stable management or general care of horses at Sabino Equestrian Center.

Grades: 9-PG

Student cap 26

Class size: 4

Tuition: $36,250

Stud/staff ratio: 1:4

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Fenster educates students in a healthy, safe and structured environment, giving the students the opportunity to realize their potential.

Website: fensterschool.org Phone: 520-749-3340