Ecole d’Humanite’

Ecole d’Humanite’ is a coeducational school located in Hasliberg Goldern, Switzerland. It is an international school that is very diverse and offers education for grades 9-12 and college preparatory courses. It is located in a beautiful setting that provides an exceptional opportunity for students to hike, ski, climb and other outdoor activities. The school is home to 130 students and each family has two or three teachers and they live in one of the school’s houses or chalets. They eat together in the common dining hall and once a week they spend time cooking, working on projects or playing games. The comfortable atmosphere helps new students to feel at home right away. Because the students are very diverse, this provides an opportunity for everyone to see beyond stereotypes and appreciate individual differences. The students are involved in organizing weekend activities, delivering firewood, taking care of the donkeys, and running the fire brigade and the library. The students meet weekly to discuss any concerns, and the meeting is chaired by a student. Ecole strives to keep it simple by limiting both material and electronic consumerism. This allows students to feel free to discover and explore their own unique strengths and passions.

The academic program at Ecole provides the opportunity for the students to concentrate on each of their subjects with more intensity because they are only required to take three academic subjects per trimester. The small class size allows for an individualized instruction and demand active participation. Students are allowed to choose their own courses by their interest and abilities. The classes meet six days a week and run over an hour, making it so there is adequate time for in-depth learning. The students are encouraged to take responsibility for their education.

Ecole tries to balance the intensive academic program with afternoon arts, sports and practical work. A few of the fields the students can choose from would be, blacksmithing, skiing, snowboarding, woodworking, painting, pottery, rock-climbing, French theater, classical, jazz, folk and pop music ensembles, instrumental and voice lessons, gardening, animal husbandry and the annual Shakespeare production.

Grades: 9-12

Student cap 130

Class size: 8

Tuition: 44,000

Stud/staff ratio: 1:5

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: If you would like an out of the country educational experience for you child, then this would be a school for you to consider.


Phone: 401-782-8682