Garrison Forest School

Garrison Forest School is located in Owings, MD and is an all-girls college preparatory school for grades 8-12. Founded in 1910 by Mary Moncrieffe Livingston, a teacher from New York, Garrison Forest School started as a primary through twelfth grade school for the local community. The school was coed for the primary students and residential program for the older girls. Garrison Forest School survived the Great Depression and went on to expand their residential program. In 1942 the Service League was introduced as a response to helping on the home front. Students helped in the local fields while farmers went to serve in the war. Today, Service League assists dozens of regional, national, and international causes through the student’s interest in serving others. The Service League is a student-run “umbrella” organization that coordinates a variety of service projects on and off campus. Each girl is given the opportunity to experience personal growth and think of ways they can contribute to making changes in society. Some of the projects that the girls can participate in are: Blood Drive, where they can help register and assist donors for the on-campus Red Cross Blood Drive. Christmas in April/Rebuilding Baltimore is where students and parents work together to provide needed repairs on a home for the elderly or disabled person. Darius Goes West is a project that raises awareness and funds for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. Equine Serive Club gives the girls a chance to raise funds and to rescue injured horses through HorseNet, a horse rescue organization. Kid’s Place is for the girls to provide Saturday morning activities for inner-city children. There are many more ways that the girls at Garrison Forest School can become involved in service and caring for their environment and others.

The academic program at Garrison Forest provides a rigorous program rooted in close relationships between teachers and students. The education experience is for the girls to learn to reach their full potential and to live a life of purpose.

At Garrison Forest the girls may participate in the arts as well as many athletics opportunities. The arts offer music, dance, theater and visual arts, what ever the interest of the girl may be. The goal of the athletic department is to help the girls learn to be responsible, trustworthy, leaders, and to make decisions and accept consequences for their actions.

Grades: 8-12

Student cap: 280

Class size 14

Tuition: $43,720

Stud/staff ratio: 1:9

Sex: all-girls

Extra Info: Garrison provides an Equestrian program for the girls who are interested in horses and want to learn to ride.


Phone: 410-559-3111