Country Day School, Costa Rica

Country Day School in Guanacaste, Costa Rica was founded in 1963. It was a private, English language, co-educational, non-sectarian day school in the valley of San Jose. In 2003 the boarding program became a part of the school. Many changes have taken place through out the years, with buildings remodeled and a covered gym, pool, athletic field, classrooms, science lab, computer lab, library and administrative offices. The school completed a new elementary with 16 classrooms in 2007.

Country Day School is well known in Costa Rica for its academic excellence and college preparatory program. The school has faculty member from the United States, Costa Rica, and other countries. Country Day School is accredited by the Middle State Association of Colleges and Schools. The students can earn their high school diploma and the school has a range of Advanced Placement courses. Even though the school is non-sectarian they teach qualities such as justice, fairness, honesty, compassion and the “Golden Rule.”

The boarding students at Country Day School live in residence halls on campus with their dorm counselors and boarding residence manager, teachers and the school Director live nearby on campus housing. There are 18 dorm rooms that will house 60 boarding students. The rooms are large and have wireless internet, private bathrooms and air conditioning. There is also a large recreational room with ping-pong and pool tables, an entertainment system and outdoor sitting and barbeque area. The boarding students are also able to participate in sports, service learning, arts and study hall. On the weekends the students are able to visit beaches, national parks and other attractions. The students at Country Day School participate in competitive sports such as basketball, volleyball, swimming and soccer. Not only do the students participate in competitive sports but also attend Leadership Conferences.

Guanacaste of Costa Rica is a place rich in nature and opportunities for learning. The school is in the middle of a dry topical forest and is ½ a mile from the nearest Pacific beach. Costa Rica has been likened to Hawaii because of its diversity and beautiful natural environments, climates and habitats. It has an abundance of wildlife with more species of birds than all North America, 40 volcanoes of which 7 are active and miles of beautiful beaches. It is common for students to walk to class and see a Howler monkey or 2-ft iguana. Some of the fun weekend adventures would include: volcano trekking, scuba diving or snorkeling, camping, overnight sailing trip to nearby islands, or a far away beach to enjoy the sand, surf and weather. Country Day School is also involved and takes advantage of the Costa Rica culture, such as the torch run, where they run with the locals to a nearby town. At the end of the harvest season, Guanacaste have their own fiesta where they make a bull ring and take turns with the bull. They do not kill the bull like in other countries.

Grades: 8-12

Studen cap n/a

Class size: 10

Tuition: $29,320

Stud/staff ratio 1:7

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Love nature, have an adventuresome spirit? This is the school

Website: Phone: 506-2654-5042