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The Bishop Strachan School is all girl school located in Toronto, Canada. The school opened in 1865 and the first Bishop of Toronto, John Strachan, was a strong advocate for the education of girls, so the school was named in his honor. The principal of the school for the years of 1872-1875, was Mrs. A Thomson and she reminded the girls that they were there to become useful and courageous women and not selfish girls of fashion.

In 1899 Miss Acres became the headmistress of the school and she was known for her progressive thinking and methods of teaching. She invited teachers from England to come and introduce physical education, the BSS Magazine, Sports Day and the Old Girls Association. As time moved on, the school faced financial strains because of World War I and the great depression. But Bishop Strachan School after the depression saw a boon in introducing new clubs, extracurricular courses, arts, music and a course in Citizenship. The ‘60’s were very prosperous and the school had over 525 students.

They were able to expand and open new buildings. It was Canada’s and Bishop Strachan’s centennial in the year 1967. At the Expo 67 in Montreal, the school’s choir was chosen to sing. In the 1970’s, the Junior school program began to decline, so the school did what was necessary to revitalize it. In 1984 the headmistress was Ann E. Tottenham, and she felt that the graduates of BSS should be girls who are able to live in the modern world and have a fulfilling life. In 1995 the school moved forward in the area of technology, and the Warren Road Wing was built. The building was for a more extensive fitness facility and a new Junior School.

The Bishop Strachan School houses girls from all over the world. The girls have the opportunity to learn through a variety of cultures, traditions and different ways of thinking. The girls form friendships that will last a lifetime. The school offers a wide range of academics and global studies. They also have a student newspaper and yearbook, a musical theatre, dance, environmental council and many sports teams and clubs. BSS believes in developing leadership skills in their girls.

They are committed to helps girls to see their potential and learn those qualities that make a good leader such as, responsibility, self-awareness, organization, confidence and a positive approach to solving problems. Girls at BSS are also able to help in the community. Many girls have expressed their feelings about giving back to the community. They comment on how much they have learned and how their life has been touched by serving others.

Boarding School Facts

Student CapacityN/A
Student Class Size20
Tuition (Yearly)$47,860
Student/Staff Ratio1:12
Student SexAll Girls
Extra Info.School location is in Canada for any one in the U. S. interested in an out of the country experience.
Website Infohttp://bss.on.ca
Phone Number416-483-4325 X1220

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