Havergal College

Havergal College is all girl school for grades 9-12 located in Toronto, ON, Canada. Havergal College is committed to the education of women. In the spring of 1894, the school for girls was about to close its doors, but a group of men led by The Honorable H. Blake formed an organization for taking over the building and Havergal College was given a home. The College was named after Frances Ridley Havergal, who was an outstanding woman who, a composer, author and humanitarian. She wrote hymns that are in the hymnal to this day. She was dedicated to missionary work and Bible societies and even though she had sickness and pain, she kept a positive attitude. The first Principal of the school was Miss Ellen Mary Knox, she was a member of the church and served as Principal for thirty years. She would ask her students, “What are you going to do?” This question is asked to today’s students and prepares them to make a difference for good in the world.

Spiritual learning at Havergal is important and moments of quiet reflection is offered. While the foundation for the spiritual life at the school is Anglican, theirs is a multi-faith community. They respect others religious traditions and teachings and celebrate diversity. Built on Anglican values this provides a foundation for spiritual life at the school. Many traditions are celebrated at spiritual events such as, Candlelight Service, Christmas Carol Services and Sunday Service. Confirmation classes are offered and Communion Services are held several times a year.

Education is important at Havergal and Imagination, Diversity, Excellence, Altruism, Leadership and Spiritual Life make up their enduring values. These enduring values are what make’s Havergal different. The community it’s self, is composed of people who value excellence and recognize that through effort comes achievement. Havergal has done substantial research on how girls learn best. They are more confident in the classroom and tackle problems and express their ideas. They are willing to take risks and more likely to pursue advanced studies in math and science. The girls thrive on a rigorous academic environment.

The mission at Havergal is to prepare young women to make a difference in the world. The mission’s nerve center is the Forum for Change which is students in action who reach out to the interconnected and dynamic world. Havergal believes it is vital that students not only learn about the world, but experience it. They are taught to define what success means to them and are given the support that they need. They are asked, “What kind of world do I want?”

Grades: 9-12

Student capacity: n/a

Class size: 18

Tuition: $48,100

Student/staff ratio: 1:8

Sex: all girls

Extra Info: Havergal guides students to make a difference for good by living their lives with purpose and to be involved citizens.

Website: havergal.on.ca

Phone: 416-482-4724