Columbia International College

Columbia International College is the largest co-ed private boarding high school and university preparatory school in Canada. Their students come from over 70 countries, making the enrollment at Columbia International College as high as 1700 students. Their unique Total Care Education System has the main focus on the student and the education experience needed to succeed. Showing respect and equality for the students, parents and each other is their goal. The many diverse cultures provide opportunity for students to learn from each other and appreciate their differences. Everyone is encouraged to have open communication and to be honest. It is both exciting and stressful for a young person to study abroad. They have to adjust to the new foods, new friends, new environment and a new way of life. Columbia helps to make the adjustment for their international students as smooth as possible and to follow up with them as often as possible. The students of all ages learn to accept each other and become successful living away from home.

Columbia believes that in order for a student to achieve their full academic potential, they need to create an educational program suited to the students individual learning needs. They recognize that everyone learns differently and have their own unique learning speed and style. Because Ontario has a flexible education system, Columbia can be more effective at personalizing their educational programs. The many features of the education system can allow a student to learn without the pressure of having to memorize. The Personalized Educational Program pays special attention to the student’s academic needs as well as what college or university they will attend. The student will develop a Personalized Success Plan which outlines what courses to study to meet their goals, what their course load will be and at what pace to move to achieve success. The teachers continue to follow up each day to make sure the students are reaching their academic potential. The guidance counselors meet regularly with the student to help them if they change their career or have new interests or need to repeat a course.


Grade: 7-12

Student Cap 1700

Class size 20

Tuition: $1,700 per credit

Stude/Staff 1:20

Sex: co-ed

Extra Info: Even though Columbia is a large school, it is dedicated to making the education of each student their main focus.


Phone: 905-572-7883 ext 2805