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Bronte College is located in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. A private, coeducational boarding school, offering grades 9-12. The mission statement of Bronte College emphasizes the development of their students to their full potential, in their physical, ethical, intellectual and cultural qualities. Bronte has highly trained staff to help the students with their academic and personal needs.

Bronte College is a boarding school therefore the students reside at the school. Most of the rooms are single occupancy, because the school is so big. Living in the residence is very convenient when the weather gets cold because the students do not need to leave the building to attend their classes. They have strict rules, where smoking and alcohol are prohibited in the school and residence and on school grounds.

The Advanced Placement Program at Bronte was developed to help a student study at a university level while still in high school. Bronte is a regional testing centre for the AP exams. The results from the student’s exams are sent to the AP College Board to the college of their choice. Successful test results provide the student with the possibility of first-year university transfer credits, advanced placement, or both. This saves the Bronte student university tuition fees and time.

Bronte College offers the student the opportunity for physical fitness and recreational activities. Bronte believes this helps with the students overall health and performance. The activities could include, indoor/outdoor swimming, golf course, hockey/skating arenas, waterfront walking/running path. Soccer, basketball, volleyball, cricket and table tennis are also available for the students if they choose.

It is important for a student at Bronte to complete 40 hours of community service. This helps the student to develop an understanding of their role in their community and helps them to have a sense of belonging within the community. There is assistance available for the students to achieve this goal.

Boarding School Facts

Student CapacityNA
Student Class Size16
Tuition (Yearly)$12,800
Student/Staff Ratio1:16
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.This school is ideal if you would like an educational experience located in Canada.
Website Infowww.brontecollege.ca
Phone Number905-270-7788

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