About the School

Ashbury College was established in 1891 and has a reputation both nationally as well as internationally. Located in Ottawa, Canada the school was founded by George Penrose Woollcombe who was the Headmaster for 42 years. At first the school was just for boys. They started with three rooms, and today they house both boys and girls. It grew to where it was necessary to have a new building, so it was moved to a 13-acre location. More additions were made to the school, in 1972 the school had more than 300 students and in 1982 girls were enrolled for the first time.

A new gymnasium was added in 1985 with the financial funds from Ashbury families and friends. In 1994 a new wing was added to house younger students and later that year they completed a theatre, computer labs, and more classrooms. In 2004 a new dining room was complete. The science lab and front offices were also renovated. A new residence for girls was complete in 2006 and in 2010 a new residence was completed for the boys.

Ashbury College has many core values, such as they believe students should be challenged in their education and the school encourages students to be creative and they prepare them to be successful in a university as well as life. The community within the school is safe and structured so the students can reach their full potential. Ashbury considers their students to be enthusiastic and cooperative. This is believed to be seen in the strong relationships among students, staff, alumni and parents. Ashbury also foster’s such characteristics as integrity, mutual respect for others and service to each other. With an interest in athletics, arts, outdoor education and community service, a student can develop leadership skills. Because Ashbury is located in Canada’s capital city and is so bilingual, it gives students the opportunity to understand international and global responsibility.

Ashbury College believes that a small boarding school environment provides the ultimate setting to develop learning skills and friendships that last a lifetime. The students are challenged through their academic program. When they are accepted to a university, 85% of the students are able to attend the university that is their first choice. Personal responsibility is highly encouraged at Ashbury. The students are taught organization skills as well as learning to be independent and live a healthy lifestyle. The students then are more confident in themselves and they become more motivated.

Boarding School Facts

Student Capacity100
Student Class Size17
Tuition (Yearly)$46,350
Student/Staff Ratio1:9
Student SexCo-ed
Extra Info.What is unique about this school is that it is located in Canada which gives the students the opportunity to live in a bilingual environment. The capital city offers many cultural opportunities as well as sports, parks, rivers and the opportunity to snow ski.
Website Infohttp://www.ashbury.ca/
Phone Number613-749-5954

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