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This site is dedicated to families looking for the best education option for their child. There are so many wonderful boarding schools across the country, it can be difficult to determine which one may be the best for your family. Our goal is to provide contact information and a brief bio on every boarding school and military school in the country. This is obviously an ongoing project due to the enormity and scope of our goal. Teen Boarding schools will be happy to provide contact information and comments from previous students. This site is dedicated to providing as much information as possible allowing parents and students to make a good decision about their education choice.

The Internet

The development of the Internet has opened doors for everyone to obtain information on every subject. There are websites dedicated to the closure of just about every teen boarding school in existence. Our advice regarding these people is to do your own research. Parent’s and teen’s should visit any boarding school prior to enrolling there. Nothing is as convincing as meeting the staff and administration in their own environment. A thorough inspection of eating facilities, sleeping accommodations, bathroom situations, and classroom environment should be included on the check list of every boarding school in consideration. Since the education is the primary focus of most student’s and families, the classroom and what happens there should be the primary focus. For example if the sleeping arrangements are a little less that what the family is used to, but the academics are superior, go with this school. A student that is away from home, in a place that is not just like home, will be more appreciative of the home they come from.

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Teen Boarding Schools Info is happy to include every boarding school across the country. If your schools in not listed here and you would like it listed please follow this link.

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Military schools are a fantastic way for a child to begin preparation for a career in the military. There are some very prestigious military schools available. Some of these military schools are difficult to get into, and have a rigorous enrollment process. If you are interested in a military career please visit our military schools section. If you are a military school and are not included in our listing please follow this link.


If you are looking for a boarding school or military school we hope you find our site helpful. Please feel free to sign our visitors book. And leave any comments on our blog.

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Boarding Schools For Troubled Teens

A huge reason for teens to act defiant and get in trouble is peer pressure. Many teens have a strong desire to fit in. If they don’t have many friends and a group takes them in, the child may feel like they owe it to the group to do whatever they are told to do. Even if it goes against what the teen has been taught at home, they will likely do it at any cost because they want to please their friends. When the behavior gets out of control, the best way to correct it is to get the teen away from the bad influence of the friends and put them in an environment where they can be influenced in a positive way.

We Can Help

This site is dedicated to trying to differentiate between all of the types of boarding school options available to parents with a child who is not fitting into a regular school setting. We will help to give you the tools necessary to identify indicators in your child’s behavior that may lead to serious school problems. The different types of schools available to students with such behavior problems will also be outlined for you. We will also try to help you understand some of the terminology and medical terms being tossed around at school and from your family doctor.

This is not intended to be a conclusive answer to all teens’ problems, and is not written by a licensed professional. It is an accumulation of information we have gathered from our experiences as parents of teens, and from our experiences in helping to place hundreds of teens in various specialty boarding schools, therapeutic boarding

The traditional school classroom is becoming ineffective for a growing number of teens, and in some cases pre-teens. The educational community struggles with students that have no desire to attend school. There are as many reasons a child will lose their desire to attend school as there are disaffected students. We offer a variety of boarding schools for teens. We can also help you with the process of getting a teenage boy to an all boy’s boarding school, or a teenage girl to an all girl’s boarding school, so call or contact us today.